MEETING REMINDER: Dec 6 @ noon in Shaffer 302

A quick reminder to everyone that we’re having our December meeting this Monday at noon in Shaffer 302. There will be pizza, drinks, and presentations.

  • Veselin Kostov will give a quick presentation entitled “Speckle imaging: causes and (partial) solutions.”
  • I will give an as-of-yet unnamed presentation about atmospheric bacteria on Earth and the potential for microbial life in other planets’ atmospheres.
  • We’re still working out the details for a third presenter.

We’ll have a lot to talk about, so the presentations will each be roughly 10 minutes long with about 5 minutes for questions and discussion after each presentation. After these, then we’ll probably spend the rest of the time discussion the NASA press conference from Thursday. The initial bubble of excitement has long since popped, and now we’re left discussing how important this really is, what this means for astrobiology, and where we go from here. And in case you missed the whole thing, here’s a link to the paper and to a, uh, sobering discussion of what it’s all about.