December meeting scheduled!

We’re back from getting kicked in the teeth by the semester to bring you the next meeting of the JHU Astrobiology Club!  We’re meeting in Shaffer 302 at noon on Monday, December 6th.  It’s a reading day, so no classes or exams.  Just free pizza, drinks, and three talks on a wide range of topics.  There will be more information after the holiday, but mark your calendar today!

Caleb Scharf’s blog

Prof. Scharf leads Columbia’s astrobiology initiative and has been sharing his thoughts at this blog:

Check it out as a source for news and commentary on the field.

The first meeting for the fall semester

The new semester is upon us and so is our next meeting! Come to Bloomberg 475 tomorrow, tuesday 28th at 6 pm and discuss all the exciting news and olds on what you’ve heard and learned over the summer. Bring papers or just your curiosity. We’ll be also organizing our first “field trip” to Arlington, VA for “Seeking Signs of Life, A Symposium Celebrating 50 Years of Exobiology and Astrobiology at NASA”.

Scheduling the September meeting

There’s a new doodle survey to help schedule our next meeting of the JHU Astrobiology Club.  Disregard the dates and select just the times you find most favorable for attending a JHU Astrobiology Club meeting during a regular week.  Once we know a time when the most folks will be available, we can pick the day of the month to have the meeting.  In the meantime, look for current events, recent papers, or questions you might have about astrobiology to bring to the meeting for discussion.  Also, if anyone would like to give a presentation, coordinate with Adam.  Also, we’ll most likely have this first meeting of the fall semester in the same classroom where “Planets, Life, and the Universe” meets, Bloomberg 274.